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Sean embodies resilience and versatility, with a strong skill set that extends from his role as a SWAT officer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, and Professional MMA Fighter. Sean has been recognized as a high performer and excellent instructor, holding 15 state-recognized certifications in the tactics and firearms disciplines. As a highly sought-after Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructor, Sean shares his experience with his peers to help prepare the next generation of frontline warriors for the task at hand. He's received two Meritorious Service awards for outstanding community safety contributions. Beyond law enforcement, Sean mentors in physical fitness, health, and nutrition, aiming to empower first responders and civilians. Sean, proud husband to his wife Dalin and father to their 3 children, extends his influence beyond law enforcement. He serves as a Director at Mighty Oaks, an organization dedicated to supporting our military and first responder communities, and a host of The Resilient Podcast. Outside work, Sean leads as a pastor and mentors at the Texas Challenge Academy, instilling values of discipline and integrity in our youth. His journey is marked by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, dedication to service, and a commitment to positively impact lives.

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